The root structure is one of the major issues for gardeners who grow in conventional plastic and ceramic containers. This is because traditional containers can easily stifle the roots of crops. The most common evidence of this is found when removing a plant from an ordinary plastic pot once it has been there awhile. You’re likely to find several long roots that have entangled themselves inside the pot because traditional plastic containers don’t allow plants to drain excess water out properly. Damaged root systems like these cause the plant to turn yellow or brown, shrivel or drop.

Radicle Bags help to produce crops with healthier roots through the process of air pruning and in turn plants may remain in pots, plugs or plant bands longer. The innovative mesh design enables air to come into contact with the roots of the plant and effectively dry them up, making way for new roots to sprout from the old ones. As the new little roots gradually spread through the soil, they’re able to soak up more nutrition and to more efficiently uptake water. Much more than what a long, singular root in a plastic container can soak up. The extra availability of oxygen also inhibits the harmful, stagnant root fungi that cause root rot. The result is happy, healthy plants with more nutrition they need to grow bigger, stronger and faster. This is great news for farmers or commercial gardeners because it translates into increased yields.