• Versatile: Container gardens allow you to grow indoors on windowsills or in rooms with adequate light as well as outdoors on patios, walkways, steps, rooftops, or balconies. 
  • Variety: You can grow plants that may not be suitable to grow in your garden soil and grow plants next to each other even though they may have different soil needs.
  • Accessibility: Growing plants in containers makes gardening accessible to almost anyone including children, those with limited mobility and the elderly.
  • No weeding: Due to the small surface area, it’s unlikely weed seeds will find their way into pots.
  • No heavy garden tools and equipment: Saves your back and money with less maintenance.
  • Mobility: Plants in pots can easily be moved to suit your needs or to a more suitable sunny or shady location during the day. 
  • Flexibility: Rearrange plants to suit the season or your personal taste.
  • Control space invaders: Vigorous growers like mints and bamboo that are too invasive if let loose in the garden do well in containers, but will take over an in-ground garden.
  • Extended harvest time: Soil in pots often warms up faster than soil in the ground so an earlier harvest of some vegetable crops is possible.
  • Reduce food miles: Growing even a few fresh herbs or salad vegetables in pots means fewer trips in the car or public transport to the shops or markets and saves money too.
  • Greater control: With less to look after, it’s easier to control the impact of weather, the microclimate, sun, and shade.

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