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What people are saying about Radicle Bags

Radicle Bags are such an awesome product! I absolutely love that they are made from recycled materials. They come in a size fit for any grow space and I’m beyond impressed with the results. Give these bags a try, you will NOT be disappointed!
– Lindsey


Awesome bags such a nice product they are exactly what they say they are when you order 5 gallons its 5 gallons. Thank you Jeff for your kindness and taking care of me definitely will be back soon for more. This company definitely takes care of their customers!
– Tim


I find that they are one of the top bags used in growing herbs … buy them while you can. items this good I can never find.
– Brad


We planted all of our tomatoes and peppers in Radicle Bags this year and had an abundance of fruit and veggies. Highly recommend giving them a try.


Great product! Works as described. Cooler roots really does make healthier plants. Highly recommended!

Awesome, great bags help me achieve the dry down I like before watering. Easy to clean and durable!


I can’t tell ya enough how much I love Radicle bags! Easy to use. Last for ever. The yields have blown past my expectations. Hydro and soil. I could go on for ever about why they are so great. You really just gotta try them for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Great innovation..we use various sizes at all of our industrial cultivation centers. The owner is also a really good guy to deal with.


Radicle bags has been a savior for my garden. They are the best new product on the market. Great design and quality. The cost vs yield results is mind blowing. I will never put anything in any other bag ever again!
– Ryan


So glad I found this brand of premium grow bags for my garden!
– April

First off. Amazing people. Second the bags are incredible. Roots grow crazy strong and don’t wanna let go. Durable to say the least and make wAtering a ease. 100% a must have!!!


Very impressed with Radicle bags, we grow peppers and our tomatoes indoors and it’s amazing how much larger our tomatoes and peppers are next to the ones in pots. We be changing everything to Radicle Bags soon.
– Jason


We used it to grow many plants from our garden inside. Very easy to use and clean! Defiantly moving all our plants into them next planting season.


Thank you so much for the innovative product. I definitely noticed a difference. Happy roots, happy plants!
– Bri


just so much better than fabric. no salt build up, better temp control, long lasting.
– Robert