600 Gallon Radicle Bag

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600 Gallon Radicle Bag


Radicle Bags 600 Gallon High Yield Grow Bag

The term “Radicle” actually means root. The Radicle Bags 600 Gallon High Yield Grow Bag supports true air pruning and prevents a “rootbound” root zone. Our innovative design  encourages roots to grow evenly while providing more oxygen to the root zone, maximizing your yields. The availability of extra air in addition to draining excess water helps prevent the harmful root-rot fungi typically associated with an over-wet, stagnant grow container.

Radicle Bags are made of a poly-mesh, unlike traditional fabric grow pots. They do not absorb water, minimizing build up of nutrient salts, algae, bacteria, or any other thing that can be harmful to your plants. This also prevents bugs from breeding in the material of the bag itself, a common problem with traditional fabric pots.

Radicle Bags are used to grow plants of various sizes and types.  Our grow bags are lightweight, durable and designed to re-use year after year. The Radicle Bag can be used successfully in many different climate and soil conditions. Plants will enjoy healthy root growth while above-ground, allowing for beautiful landscaping in areas where poor soil or bedrock prevent planting in-ground.

Our high-quality grow bags come in two colors, White and Tan. Both contribute to reducing thermal stress to your plant’s root zone, especially outdoor plants in warmer climates.

  • 100% waterproof PVC – less unwanted build-up!
  • 100% reusable! 
  • Unique design drains excess water automatically!
  • Works great with soil or hydroponics!
  • Folds flat for easy storage!

Starting at 100 gallon sizes, Radicle Bags have four handles wrapping all the way under the bag to support extreme weights, with added heavy-duty outdoor stitching to last season after season!  Our heavy-duty handles can be lifted with a tractor or forklift or can easily be moved by hand by sliding two poles through the two handles parallel.

Our revolutionary grow bags are designed for growers by growers, providing the smartest choice in plant containers available on the market today! We have revolutionized the way the root zone in gardening is treated to give you the best tools in the business and support green thumbs everywhere!

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  • 600 Gallon Radicle Bag
  • 86″ diameter x 24″ height
  • Available in White or Tan
  • Commercial Style (no handles or velcro)- $125.99
  • Premium Style (4 full-wrap handles, no velcro)- $170.09 SOLD OUT!

Starting at 50 gallons a velcro side opening is not effective due to lateral pressure. The Premium Style at the larger sizes provides wider carry handles that are fully wrapped around the bottom of the bag and can support the weight of a full Radicle Bag.

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Commercial (no handles, no velcro), Premium (4 full wrap handles, no velcro)


Tan, White


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