What is the big deal about Radicle Bags anyway?

Aren’t they just another fabric pot? NO!

There are a lot of fabric pots on the market today, the most common of which are made from non-woven polypropylene material. Through a process of extrusion and molding, fibers are pressed into fabric that is used to make grow bags as well as reusable grocery sacks, surgical gowns and much more. Radicle Bags are a woven mesh made from pvc coated polyester threads with anti mildew and UV inhibitors added to prolong the life of the bag. Since both types of bags are made from plastic they are both recycle-able.

What does this difference mean for you and your plant?

Radicle Bags are ideal for air pruning, the process in which root tips are exposed to air. When root tips get exposed to atmosphere outside of the growing container, the root tips die off, and quit growing. This causes upper roots to branch and fill the available space in your container, maximizing the number of root tips and preventing circling resulting in a bound up root zone. Radicle Bags mesh design allows the roots to find the air much more quickly and easily, the roots do not have to force their way through the bag itself as they would with a traditional fabric bag. Plants feed from the tips and hairs of their roots. Having a symmetrical, branched root mass creates more access points for your plant to take in water and nutrients.

Radicle Bags also solve the issues many growers face resulting from a wet fabric bag. Wet fabric acts like a wick. Through a process called hydro-translocation,  wet fabric supplies the sun with a steady supply of water to evaporate. On a hot day, you can get down on your hands and knees and see the water vapor leaving a fabric grow bag, especially a dark colored one. Radicle Bags do not absorb water, are reflective and keep the plant container surface temperature cool, thus minimizing evaporation. Wet fabric also inhibits gas exchange. Roots need oxygen. When fabric gets wet, it makes it harder for your root mass to breathe. If you want to optimize flower/fruit development you’ll want all the extra 02 you can get! Radicle Bags will not absorb water, and consequently breathe better all of the time.

When the season is over and it’s time to clean your container there is not an easier bag to clean than a Radicle Bag. The coated mesh prohibits anything from being absorbed into the bag itself. This makes cleaning Radicle Bags as easy as soaking to loosen any dirt or minerals and wipe clean. Any growing container will have some build up from excess water containing nutrients or minerals draining from the bag and then drying. This could also happen by simply watering with hard water and when that water dries on the outside of your container whatever is in it will remain. With even the most extreme cases of stubborn build up a soft bristle brush is all that you will need with a Radicle Bag.  With a traditional fabric bag it is difficult to remove all foreign material to ensure a clean and sterile start for your next round of growing. Non-woven polypropylene material is created by pressing and melting the fibers together which makes it easy for things such as algae, nutrient salts etc. to build up and be trapped in between the fibers and difficult to remove.

Radicle Bags aren’t just another grow bag. They are the bag that solves the problems inherent in grow bags.

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