Radicle Bags™ are a game changing High-Yield grow bag designed to be reused year after year. Our innovative air-pruning mesh technology provides more oxygen to your Rhizosphere which can greatly increase your yields!

The Term “Radicle” means ROOT, and that is the focus of a Radicle Bag! Unlike fabric growing containers, Radicle Bags never absorb water and consequently have superior breathability. This extra availability of oxygen improves the biodynamics of your rhizosphere in a multitude of ways, including improving symbiotic relationships with beneficial fungi and bacteria. Additionally, since your Radicle Bag will not absorb water, you will not experience the wicking and build up of nutrient salts typically seen with fabric grow bags. These qualities make Radicle Bags extremely easy to clean and reuse!

Our waterproof geo-textile is perfectly suited for hydroponics or soil. Our outdoor growers rave about the supreme durability and unprecedented thermal stress reducing capabilities of Radicle Bags in warmer climates outdoors. Our premium bags offer available handles, and an optional side opening velcro design as well. This makes transplant and harvest a breeze! Upon harvest, you notice perfect air-pruning all the way up to the soil line, and an ease of cleaning previously not achieved in a grow bag. Simply rinse out and re-use!

Radicle Bags promote a healthy rhizosphere with optimum oxygen availability.