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The word “Radicle” means ROOT, and that is the focus of a Radicle Bag!  Our innovative mesh design supports true air pruning by preventing a “rootbound” root zone. Air pruning causes roots to grow evenly while allowing more oxygen to the root zone, maximizing your yields.

Radicle Bags allow the root system to breath without getting too dry and the extra availability of oxygen can inhibit the harmful, stagnant root fungi that cause root rot.

The Benefits of Container Gardening

No matter how green your thumb is, container gardening is right for you!

What is Air Pruning Anyway?

The root structure is one of the major issues for gardeners who grow in conventional plastic and ceramic containers. This is because traditional containers can easily stifle a plant’s roots. The most common evidence of this is…

Got Radicle Bags?

Your Roots Would Be Cooler If You Did

I can’t tell ya enough how much I love Radicle bags! Easy to use. Last for ever. The yields have blown past my expectations. Hydro and soil. I could go on for ever about why they are so great. You really just gotta try them for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed. – Jeff

Radicle bags has been a savior for my garden. They are the best new product on the market. Great design and quality. The cost vs yield results is mind blowing. I will never put anything in any other bag ever again! – Ryan Lee

Very impressed with Radicle bags, we grow peppers and our tomatoes indoors and it’s amazing how much larger our tomatoes and peppers are next to the ones in pots. We be changing everything to Radicle Bags soon. – Jason Patton