Radicle Bags

A New Revolution in the Root Zone

The word "radicle" means root, and that is where our focus is!

Radicle Bags support true air by preventing a "root-bound" root zone. Air pruning allows for more branching, causing smaller roots to grow evenly while allowing much more oxygen to the root zone, effectively maximizing your yields.

  • - 100% waterproof geo-textile - no unwanted build-up or algae
  • - Truly reusable! simply rinse, dry and re-use
  • - Innovative design prevents overwatering
  • - Works great in soil or hydroponics
  • - Reduces thermal stress
  • - Folds flat for easy storage
  • - Imprevious to all agriculture chemicals
  • - UV resistant
  • - 3 year warranty!
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Radicle Bags - High Yield Grow Bag

We have revolutionized the way the root zone in gardening is treated to give you the best tool on the market. Join the rhizo revolution and order your radicle bags today!

What makes our bags perfect for you ?

100% waterproof geo-textile

Radicle bags are not made of absorbent fabric, our waterproof PVC screen won't allow unwanted nutrient salts, fungi, bacteria or algae to build up. Our bags are also 100% mildew-proof.

Reduces thermal stress

Our bags are white, eliminating thermal stress on the root zone. Not only does white have a higher emissivity, it also reflects precious light lumens back to the plants effectively maximizing photosynthesis.

Works great in soil or hydroponics

Radicle Bags work great filled with soil or in hydroponics filled with your favorite soilless medium.

Truly reusable!

Radicle Bags are UV resistant and recyclable. Wash and reuse year after year!

Impervious to all agriculture chemicals

Our Bags are made of a PVC super screen that will not degrade from repeated exposure to agriculture chemicals.

Innovative design prevents overwatering

The patented Radicle Bags design allows excess water to escape, this prevents overwatering.

Join the Rhizo Revolution
and order Radicle Bags Today!

Our revolutionary grow bags are designed for growers by growers,
providing the smartest choice in plant containers available on the market today!

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About Us

After growing hydroponically for years I tried every variation of different plant containers and growing mediums. I tried all the methods of nutrient solution delivery, and had plateaued utilizing all current available products on the market, but I knew that things could be improved!